Venture Around Rajbari


TD   * Mahanad Kali Bari, 8 km from Rajbari. This temple is more than 200 yrs old. The local priest tells us that Rani Rashmani came to this place to offer her puja and this inspired her to build the Dakhineswar Mandir.

* Jateswar Shiv Temple, 2 km from Mahanad Brahmamayee Kali Bari. There is a big pond behind the temple with different stories of healing and rebirth.

* Debipur, This place is known for Laxmi Janardan Mandir. The style of the mandir is old Terracotta of Bengal.

* Pandua, This 13th century place is known for its Minar. The Minar soars up to 125 feet high.


* Bansberia , Hangsheshwari Mandir and Basudeb Mandir ( 20 kms from Rajbari )

* Debanandapur – the birth place of Bengal's Katha Shilpi and Sarat Chandra Chattapadhyay's residence, a library named Sarat Smriti      Pathagar including a museum  containing photographs, letters, writings, 07 personal belongings of the famous writer is also present there.

* Bandel Church, one of the oldest Christian churches in West Bengal.

* Chuchura, Imambara , it was completed in the year 1861.

* Chandannagar, the French base colony. Situated on the banks of the river Hooghly, one can enjoy a leisurely walk along the beautifully decorated pavement on banks.

*   Kalna, 1 hour and 15 mins. Visit 108 Shiva Temple, Lalji Mandir and Pratapeshwar Temple.

*   Guptipara, 1 hour from rajbari. Visit for 4 Baishnava Temple for Terracota works.

* Shantiniketan ( 100kms )