• Real aura of a century old Rajbari can be experienced with a guided tour around the Rajbari on request.
  • Your health is very important for us. Dr. Ranjan K. Bera ( general physician, D.I.A.S.M) will be available for service in case of emergency.
  • Day Outings/Events like, Summer camp, etc may be booked in advance.
  • An authentic Rural musical programme (Baul) is available on request for an extra cost.
  • The Home stay may be booked on a daily basis OR interested guests may also pre-book room nights as per their choice for the entire year.
  • Evening AARATI at the temple takes place everyday in the evening between (6.15-6:30 pm) during summers and during winters it starts between ( 5.30-5:45 pm). 
  • Parking facility is available inside the Rajbari and also in the immediate vicinity ( at your own risk).
  • Flute is played every day in the evening for you to get up close and personal with nature and the ambiance of the Rajbari.
  • Pets strictly prohibited. 
  • Guest can enjoy free WI-FI .


List of Optional Activities

  • Flying Kites
  • Indoor and outdoor games 
  • Night Walk in the village
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Bar-B-Que
  • Bonfire (winter only) 
                                                                 This is our Home; You are our guest…
                                                                                  YOU are our GOD
Our GOD Does Not…….
  • Smoke in public
  • Consume Alcohol in public
  • Remove anything from our home
  •  Embarrass anybody in any way
  • Allow any kind of unpleasantness
  • Make our home disorderly
Our GOD Helps Us To….
  • Serve him better
  • Make everybody happy
  • Invite him home always, forever
  • Learn from our mistakes
  • Encourage our team and enlighten our souls
                                                                     We thank you for being at our home
Hot water will be supplied in buckets if the geyser does not operate due to voltage fluctuations. Inconvenience is regretted.
Pls note that for the comfort of our guests, Airconditioners are fitted in all 'A category' rooms, usage is optional ( pls check tariff for details ). However due to voltage fluctuations and irregular electric supply, it is not possible to operate the airconditioners under normal electric supply conditions. We have tried and the result has been fatal, airconditioners get damaged OR the electric meters get damaged. Airconditioners are operated with the help of generators.
However, there is a breather on this note – the walls of all the rooms and all the ceilings of the Rajbari are so thick & high that this keeps the rooms very cool & pleasant throughout the day. This reminds us of the many Eco Huts / Eco Resorts / Heritage Palaces / Green Destinations we keep reading about and often visit where usage of electricity is bare minimum and are growing more and more popular with intrepid travellers around the world.
 We do not possess (or wish to apply for) an alcohol license for public consumption by guests. If any alcohol is brought by guests or requested for
 local purchase, it should be consumed in their rooms,  without disturbance to other guests or residents. Management shall not remain responsible  for any dispute arising out of this issue.

 Voices and sounds should be kept to private levels, and the help of all Our occupants is sought in maintaining the peaceful environment and  cleanliness of the grounds.
Please note : All internal gates of the rajbari are closed at 11:00 pm. every day for security purposes, please return to your respective rooms by 11:00 pm., walking around the house and public places is strictly restricted after 11:00 pm. except for emergencies.